Your partner in every construction or architectural project.

Commited to quality. Assuring the products we manufacture, such as roller shutters, blinds and other acessories, meet the expectations.

Certified raw materials

Laboratory certifications for quality, durability, strength, impermeability and thermal coefficient.

High quality assembly

Production and assembly of blinds and accessories for construction and architecture projects.

National & international experience

Years of national and international experience, exporting to Western Europe.

About us

Suitable fitting for any residential or commercial solution. Manufacturing and assembling according to the design, size and color desired.

Profiled aluminium roll shutters with aluminium slats filled with fluorocarbon free rigid expanded polyurethane thermal insulation.

Our services

Manufacturing and assembling

Production and assembly of blinds and accessories according to the requirements of each project.


Exporting to Western Europe our extensive range of raw materials and finished products such as blinds and automations.

Construction materials certified in laboratories

Water tightness

Engineering and design against infiltration, resulting in water tightness profiles.

Thermal isolation

Insulation based on international energy requirements.

Reaction to fire

Fire reaction certification in our PVC roller shutter white box products.

Weather tightness

Engineering and design of profiles with precision in wind resistance differential pressure.

Acoustic isolation

Concern for comfort and noise, manufacturing sound absorbing products.

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